Welcome! If you have made it here, we are so grateful for you. Zhartvystan has been on an unofficial and unplanned hiatus since August 2012. We are very grateful for faithful readers who keep checking in for updates long after things have gone silent.

Several unforeseen circumstances converged in late 2012 that were utterly exhausting and left me with no energy for blogging. I have remained involved in God’s work in Kayziyen*, and have still been following events in Central Asia, although at a less intense pace. Isa is still on the move in the region!

You will notice that all posts have been switched to “private” for now. We are not shutting Zhartvystan down, but we do not have plans to re-activate the blog at this time. I encourage you to continue to pray and learn about the people of the region and the Harvest Work being done there. We still consider all of the resources linked to the right to be valuable for this purpose.

Until God says, “No.”