We don’t believe that it is the goal of Harvest Work or Harvest Workers to convert people. Only the Holy Spirit can change hearts. Believers are merely called to go, disciple, baptize and teach to obey (in that order), never to convert.

The opinions expressed at Zhatrvystan are the opinions of their author only. These opinions are subject to change as individuals grow and learn–we’re not perfect. It is not our intent to act out of hatred or malice. Discussion of any cultural practice or current event is not necessarily either an endorsement or condemnation of the practice or event.

Due to the sensitivity of some of the Harvest Work, it is necessary that we use alternative names for some people and places. We strive to be open and honest, and only change names when it benefits or protects (rather than inhibits) God’s work. As a matter of integrity, we will indicate when we have changed a name by starring it (*) at first mention in any post.

In December of 2009, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) enacted new regulations requiring bloggers to disclose their relationship with any product or organization that they discuss on their blog. Unless otherwise indicated, nobody associated with Zhartvystan receives any compensation (monetary or material) for mentioning any publication, product or organization.


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