Kayziyen, the city I love, is not actually called Kayziyen. It is not illegal to be a Believer or to follow Jesus in Kayziyen, but there are still some security concerns regarding the Harvest and the Harvest Work there. For this reason, I call it by a fictional name. I often will shorten the fictional name to simply “Kayzi”.

Kayziyen is modern city with ancient roots in the heart of Russia where East meets West meets Slavic culture. Roughly half the population identifies as Muslim and half identify as Orthodox Christian. Most do not actively practice their faith and are Muslim or Orthodox in name only. There are smaller pockets of other religions and there is a small, but growing group of Believers in the city with a couple congregations of the Church established.

Russians are actually a minority ethnic group in this city which is also comprised of Tatar and Chuvash people, along with representatives from other ethnic groups. Despite the religious divide and the great ethnic diversity in the city, it is a city that prides itself on the peaceful coexistence of its citizens. Kayziyen is a university city with many young students from the surrounding region and from around the world studying at its many universities.

There are a handful of evangelical, Bible-preaching congregations in Kayziyen. Cooperation among the congregations was rather limited until a few years ago, but now there is increasing unity, especially among the youth and young adults. Like most cities, however, the population of Kayziyen is mostly nominal in their belief, whether Orthodox or Muslim. These two belief systems are intimately tied with cultural identity, whether Russian, Tatar, Chuvash, or some other minority ethnicity; the evangelical, Bible-preaching congregations are seen mostly as sects.


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